These are some of the comments made by people who have been to see PHIL for a sitting or reading:

“I would like to thank you for the reading i had with you, after which i felt very emotional as well as positive as i knew that you had made contact with the person i needed to hear from.
i witnessed that you were able to tune in to the psychic energy of the loved one who has crossed over. I almost felt his presence and recognized all the hints he was giving me through you. i personally found the reading to be very valuable in the grieving and healing process.
I believe that you are a genuine psychic medium (as there are so many charlatans out there) and you are using your gift well”.I  wish you all the best in the future.
Best regards

“I came to see you in October 2004 because I wanted to get in contact with someone I just wanted to e-mail you really to say thank you for the reading The person I wanted to contact was my mother who passed away when I was younger and I strongly believe that you did that Some of the information you gave me at the time was a bit confusing But over the past weeks things have started to make a lot more sense to me.
It was a good thing going to see you and I’m happy that you could contact my mother for me.My brother sat down with me and listened to the tape. I think that he realized that you had contacted our mother and that made him want to go and see you also. He went to you for a sitting and I listened to his tape with him. Again, I believe that you where spot on with what you told him. I feel that from your reading, he may take more notice about his feelings and will hopefully one day feel less confused with them.
Thank you so much for what you did for my brother and me. It’s a wonderful gift that you have and I hope that you continue to help a lot more people who feel the need to contact a loved one who has passed over.

Hi Phil I last came to see you last year. Your reading was so accurate. In your first reading you could see an empty wheelchair, this turned out to be the passing of my mother in law in July.
I have left my job which I was unhappy in. i have told friends and family of you and am looking forward to having a reading with you again”

I just wanted to let you know that after my reading a couple of month’s back I can confirm that the person you contacted was my uncle who had recently passed over.
He did love Buddy Holly which was a fact I couldn’t confirm at the time, but he didn’t at any time in his life support Everton but we did have relatives that actually played for Everton!
After talking to you I’ve been able to ask my uncle for help and I feel he is giving me guidance, which is thanks to you”.

“I have known Phil for many years and I have watched him mature as a human being and his incredible gift of mediumship grow to a point where he is arguably among the best mediums in this country.
In my opinion he is as good if not better than those who demonstrate on national and international television.I have had many messages from Phil over the years and they have all proved to be accurate, he describes loved ones, their looks, conditions and habits just like they are in the room, which they are.
His style although direct is quiet and empathic. He delivers his messages with a clarity that enables the person having the reading to clearly understand.
Many times Phil has reinforced for me, the human connection to the afterlife. I recommend him highly as a medium, healer and teacher.
Andrew Robertson

I have known Phil for a number of years now and he still amazes me with his direct link to the other side. A week after I met him he gave me a message to say a family member needed to see a doctor or it would become serious.
Two days later I found out my father had been holding back in telling us that he was having sight problems and ‘peculiar’ feelings. We urged him to go to the doctors and he was taken straight to hospital, where tests showed he was having mini strokes.
This was sorted out after a couple of days and he is still alive and kicking today in his eighties.Phil gives the messages as he gets them, without trying to translate, he holds nothing back, but he has such a friendly, caring way of doing this that it does not offend. He is a genuine down to earth guy, it’s just the information he imparts is definitely ‘out of this world’! I feel privileged to have him as a friend”.

“I received a reading from Phil in late 2005. The reading was very emotional for me as Phil was giving me information about and messages from my parents and other family members.
His descriptions of them and the messages he gave me have been so accurate.Phil has given me, through his messages a clearer knowledge of how my family are in spirit and a greater understanding of life after human death.
Phil is quite simply a brilliant spiritual medium. i would recommend him to anyone!”
Suzanne Halpin

“A very sincere and honest reading by a knowledgeable man. Which helped me put things in to prospective and taught me how to look forward in a positive manor. Highly recommended ”
Colin from Liverpool
Hi Phil,
I enjoyed my Healing very much, It gave me a lovely lift indeed & a marked place of peace. You had also given me a message that my Father was handing me a four leaf clover.
Well, it has always been a habit of mine to seek these when I am waiting for something & am near a grassy area. How fitting! About two years after seeing you, I was digging in an old Gretna Green shortbread tin. It had some bits for first aid in it- & a little golden four leaf clover type broach, that I’d put into it long before I met you …. & forgotten about, until I came across it this year, 2006.Well now, that tin of shortbread was picked up by me & my partner, when I was on my way to visit my Father who is since passed to Spirit.
Angela From Cheshire

Many thanks for the reading on Friday night. Both my sister and daughter were very pleased and could identify with some of the items which were discussed.
For myself, you were spot on with the “going dancing in September”. It is my 30th wedding anniversary in September !
You were also right about the trip to London, and I could also recognise some of the characters you described.We were all impressed and no doubt we will make appointments to see you again in the future
kind regards
Jackie Liverpool

Hi Phil my name is Rebecca I came to see you about two weeks ago.
I would just like to thank you for your sympathetic and uplifting reading Even upon entering the room with you I felt a calmness I have never felt before.
Upon reflection and listening to my tape (on several occasions) and talking to family members everthing you said became very clear.
Just little things you said about family members were so accurate.
I have been to see different meduims and I must say you are by far the best, you seem so sincere with the special gift you have.So thankyou once again Phil
I look forward to seeing you again!

The first time I ever spoke to Phil was over the phone, and within a couple of minutes he was relaying messages from my Mother which was both amazing and comforting.
Even more so as my call to him was nothing to do with expecting messages.A few weeks after the phone call we met for the first time and again within minutes, I was receiving further comfort from close relations who had passed over.
Phil is very special, the spirits recognise this because they trust him with important and comforting messages for those of us in need of reassurance.I feel privileged to count Phil as a friend, one who understands how spirit work.
My admiration for the work Phil does is endless and I hope always to count him amongst my closest friends.
Helen Manchester