The Gift

I believe I have had my psychic abilities all my life, I didn’t fully open up to them till 1993. From the age of 4, I was aware of them, but didn’t fully understand them. I always had an uncanny knack of knowing what was going on emotionally for others.

When I used to ask people what was wrong, of course people would say nothing, which wasn’t what I was feeling! This caused me confusion and lots of fear, but looking back this was how I was developing my abilities and also as a human being.

When I trained to be a reiki healer thats when everything

started to happen which I could understand. I am 53 now and I love working with the spirit world and have many guides and inspire’s in my work with spirit , but my main one is running bear who likes to be known as BEN !

BEN is a Cherokee Indian who has been with me in many lifetimes and who guides me and protects in my work with spirit . He is a wise soul and when he speaks says little but means a lot! My abilities allow me to see, hear and feel the spirit people that come to meet their love ones on our side of life in the many readings I have done. This means I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentience.

I see myself as a messenger,someone who spirit chooses to channel their messages,guidance and love to earth plane. My own belief is as mediums or messengers we don’t contact the spirit world, they contact us and work through us.