Peoples perception of the SPIRITWORLD and what they know of it is based on what they have been told or have read about it in books, normally written by other spiritual people namely mediums, psychics, healers etc.

What if I said there is no malevolent spirit only malevolent living (human beings). The true nature of spirit, the source of everlasting good, is love, joy and abundance.

What do I mean?

Because of peoples misconceptions and own fears the spirit world is an unknown quantity. The experts are people with a very knowledgeable understanding of the spirit world, That which is based on their own experience; with their own fears and interpretation added for good measure. Anything interpreted is a bit like a foreign language until fully understood something is lost in interpretation.

Then what is lost from the source is interpreted which leaves the true understanding open to what people might of seen or

heard based at times on peoples fears or ego.

When I first worked with spirit, not just experienced spirit, I remember feeling a sense of power, something I had never experienced before in my life. Because spirit is the source of all power this now makes a lot more sense to me.

Spirit, God, the Universe is all one and one and the same!

I now understand myself that when spirit people come through in a sitting/reading or platform demonstration, they come as they where known when they where here on the earth so we know it is them. Even if they where evil or did evil things they wont be that way now.

Before we come to this plane of existence called the EARTH, we came from the source that is all good, so when we leave this plane that is where we return to.

We are given by spirit/god everything we need to survive in this plane, but we sometimes take a whole lifetime accessing these tools of survival because of the conditioning of our caregivers and peers before we fully realise

what love, joy, contentment and abundance really is!

So SPIRIT is BENEVOLENT, where as the living are more than capable of being MALEVOLENT. SPIRIT will never hurt, harm, frighten or distress anyone living, the living do that all on there own through their own fears, experience and what they BELIEVE! In SPIRIT they have no feelings, thoughts or emotions just LOVE.But they will work through our feelings, thoughts and emotions.